Sport is not compulsory, as the school believes that the greatest success and enjoyment is attained by voluntary participation

Once a learner enters a sport, however, total commitment and hard work are expected. The school sets itself three ambitions: to encourage each participant to strive for excellence as an individual and as a member of a team; to give as many learners as possible the opportunity to represent the school; and to offer as wide a choice of sports as possible to cater for the individual talents of the learners.

Cullen Elson (pictured center) represented South Africa at the Karate Commmonwealth Games 2015. He received a silver medal, which has placed him 2nd in the world in his age group.

To the school, the formative educational value of sport is paramount in the preparation of learners. Naturally the learners love to win because they are motivated to do their best and results are a measure of how successful their efforts are. While winning is enjoyable and most of our teams know the feeling, they also lose enough to know that failure is nowhere near the end of the world.

The Major Games

The school did not prescribe the major games of the school, but allowed the choice and successes of its learners to determine the most popular sports.

Soccer football remains the most popular game and for years the goalkeeper of the senior national team was from the school. Scores of learners have represented their province at junior and senior level and a number have played professional football.

The next largest winter game for boys is Basketball. In summer boys tend to support cricket and athletics, with swimming attracting a number of dedicated participants. The girls have done exceptionally well in swimming and the school has been represented at junior and senior provincial and national level.

Girls have also supported athletics in large numbers. The major winter games for girls are field hockey, basketball and netball.

The support for other sports is no less enthusiastic and a number of individuals have climbed to the top of the ladder. Cross-country, tennis, squash, and softball have been organised on a regular basis.


The beautiful school Oval is used for cricket and athletics in summer and for hockey in winter. A pavilion was built in 1998 and this overlooks the Oval. Spectators can now enjoy athletics, cricket and hockey in the shade.

The Upper Field is used for cricket matches and nets in summer, as well as for field events in athletics.In winter it is used as the main soccer field and provides four fields for netball.

The Lower Field is used for junior cricket and soccer and for discus. Three all-weather courts provide tennis and netball facilities throughout the year. Three all-weather basketball courts are used extensively by a growing number of passionate basketball teams. The 25-metre, 8-lane swimming pool was built in 1982 and is constantly in use in summer. Floodlights, erected in 1993, make the pool available for evening galas.

The impressive Indoor Sports Centre houses a gymnasium, which is used for basketball and indoor training for other sports when it rains. There are also three modern squash courts and facilities for entertaining visiting teams.

South African Sports Representatives

Margaret Linley
Steven Crowley
Gerhard Rudolph
Marcos Ondruska
Tennis – Davis Cup
Rogan Clarke
Rowing – Olympics

Sharon Cormack

Leezan Senekal
Anton Greyling
Ryan Hammond
Dance Sport
Darren Hammond
Dance Sport
Keryn Jordan
Monique Kruijer
Michael Texeira

Indoor Hockey
Makgotso Moloantoa
Mpumi Phiri
Nombulelo Ngcuka
Dikgang Ngcobo
Cullen Elson